Monday, June 6, 2011

Worse than we thought

Another picture of the kitchen. I love the way they have
 described they are going to change it. You will have to wait for a picture...sorry

Familyroom and the original look of the fireplace. MOD was going to have it
 removed, but I think we convinced him to keep it.

Master bathroom. the first to get gutted along with kitchen

Back spare bedroom. The carpet was going to stay at this point so was rolled up
 as to not get painted.

First spare bedroom. Must have been a girls room with all that pink trim. 

The hallway bathroom before it was gutted

This is where cabinets used to be. The insulation in attic will all have to be replaced.

The cupboards had to go and then it was found that the pipes were not copper
and the entire house has to be re-plumbed.

Before Braden edged and weeded. I did some weeding too but probably not enough to mention.

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