Saturday, June 11, 2011

The lawn after Braden edged, weeded, and thined some of the bushes.

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Memories. This was the linoleum in the hallway bathroom. Ewwww
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Back bathoom flooring done by MOD with MOM's help. Now for the shower, sink and toilet!
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This is the first floor that was completed in the furthest back bedroom. MOM has already set up a makeshift kitchen. She also has chairs and a mini table. Super cute!
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Second bedroom floor that was completed. Mom Larson already making it a home. Or is it because the plant was failing to thrive at my house? :)   MOD, Darryl and Braden installed this floor.
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Bathroom flooring installed by Dad Larson. Great Job MOD! (My other dad)
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This is the floor in livingroom that Braden installed. The spacers are still around the edges. It looks great Braden!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flipping continued

Back bedroom almost finished. Still have to do the silicone and trim

This is the first project on the floor that Braden completed thst had special parts that
that to be cut out. Great job Braden!

This is MOM's favorite room in the house. Can anyone guess what room this is?

I believe this was behind the shower. Good thing they removed it. 

This is not the final look of the fireplace. It was just used to clear the sprayer of
paint and will be completed at a later date. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Worse than we thought

Another picture of the kitchen. I love the way they have
 described they are going to change it. You will have to wait for a picture...sorry

Familyroom and the original look of the fireplace. MOD was going to have it
 removed, but I think we convinced him to keep it.

Master bathroom. the first to get gutted along with kitchen

Back spare bedroom. The carpet was going to stay at this point so was rolled up
 as to not get painted.

First spare bedroom. Must have been a girls room with all that pink trim. 

The hallway bathroom before it was gutted

This is where cabinets used to be. The insulation in attic will all have to be replaced.

The cupboards had to go and then it was found that the pipes were not copper
and the entire house has to be re-plumbed.

Before Braden edged and weeded. I did some weeding too but probably not enough to mention.

As is.......

This is what was purchased as is. We can see the potential.....